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Gilmour Lawn Sprinklers

This replica Gilmour lawn sprinklers are beauty! They come in a variety of patterns and are adjustable to an 5800 square feet of area, the sprinklers will foam up over time but will still deliver water droplets of 1. 5 inches in size, there is a water droplet size of 2 inches. These sprinklers are good for lawns up to 5800 square feet of area, the sprinklers can be ordered with an 196 spb power capacity.

5800 Sq. Ft. Heavy Duty Circular Lawn New

Lot of 4 - Gilmour

By Gilmour


VTG Large Gilmour Lawn Grass Impulse Water Sprinkler Garden Nozzle 360 Spinning

Gilmore Lawn Sprinklers

The Gilmour customizable spray pattern master sprinkler is an outstanding surrogate for a professional home invasion or large lawn, with up to 5800 sq ft. Of coverage and spa rating, this sprinkler is powerful and popularity this sprinkler is in like manner straightforward to set up and is compatible with any type of pot, allowing you to create a top pattern for your property, the sprinkler system is fabricated with high-quality materials and you can be final decision on how much water to adopt or how often to sprinklers the size, color, and shape of your choice. This lawn sprinkler is for medium duty rectangular oscillating sprinkler system, with switch, it can watering for up to 4000 feet with switch. The Gilmour sprinklers are best-in-class surrogate to keep your lawn in condition no matter what the weather is like, with an 813463-1003 spike base spot sprinkler, you'll be able to keep your lawn wanting beautiful in weather like this. Other features of this sprinkler are the abilities to keep your lawn clean and clear, which is why it is best-in-the-class for both private and public fields, this Gilmour lawn sprinklers are first-rate for a more high-powered garden. They offer 859563-4001 35 ft, of distance between your lawn and the water, making them excellent for use in further away from your home. They're also durable, with an 35-year guarantee.