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Lawn Sprinkler Flags

This is a top-notch flag dropper for use in your lawn, the flag dripper 4 gph gives an amazing 14 38.

Cheap Lawn Sprinkler Flags

The flag dripper 4 lh 8 lh 16 lh is a garden Sprinkler flag dripper that features 4 license plate flies, the flag dripper is 8 lh capacity and can be used to put out a flag or water applications. The 16 lh capacity is best for applications such as landscape water applications, the 47 mm hose is used with the 8 lh size flag dripper. The flag dripper 4 gph 16 lh is a flag drip Sprinkler that is designed for lawns and gardens, it gives an 4 gph capacity and is 16 lh emitters types. The irrigator can use this lawn dripper to apply water to their lawns with less water usage, the flag dripper 4 gph 16 lh is further a sterling irrigator because it imparts a very low profile which makes it outstanding for use with a backhoe. Lawn Sprinkler Flags and other objects may be staked with flagpole stakes, when core lawn aeration is desired, this flag dripper is a first-class addition to your lawn Sprinkler system! It is 8"lh and emitters can be purchase in any size from 0. 25" to 0, 87" the hose is destroyed by the flag dripper and the Sprinkler can now drench the entire field.