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Lawn Sprinkler Head Color Codes

If you're scouring for a delicious rain bird dish, we've got you covered! Code for rain bird 22 sa-f, 22 sa-q, 22 sa-h, 12 sa-h, 22 sa-rvan, 12 sa-q, 12 sa-f - is produced in usa: 14.

Lawn Sprinkler Head Color Coding

This is a lawn Sprinkler Head Color coding system that klh offers to its customers, the system allows them to keep track of the different colors of Sprinkler heads for different types of lawns. The lot of 5 rain bird lawn Sprinkler heads are Color codes: 12 saf, 12 sah, 12 12 13-18 pop-up rotary sprinkler, the colors of a lawn Sprinkler Head are typically a light green, blue, or pink. The lot of 5 rain bird 22 saf 22 sah 22 22 12 18-24 rotary Sprinkler new is an unequaled way for any lawn, the Color code is 22022.